March 24, 2001

I have a treat for youuu! In the music section I put up a new song that Cristen and I.."wrote" consists of us going "MMRRRRHH" or "MUUUH" it really doesn't matter much I think. It's sort of funny, we were both in an odd mood. What you REALLY should hear is our "JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY" song, but I'll save that for later!

We love Johnny! SAY IT! You have to say it like JON-nee!...uh...okay...more on that some other time I think.

Cristen and I went to the mall. Going there reminded me why I didn't LIKE going there. TOO MANY TEENAGERS/FREAKY PEOPLE! MAKE THEM STOP! MY GENERATION IS DOOMED! WHY OH WHY MUST SUCH HARSH PUNISHMENT BE INFLICTED UPON MEEEE? I don't know. I think from now on I'll buy all my goods on the Internet. CDs? Internet. Books? Internet. Toilet paper? INTERNET! I NEVER HAVE TO LEAVE MY CHAIR AGAIN, HAHAHA! I should turn it into a toilet.

I got another Radiohead book in the mail today called Green Plastic Watering Can...which is an interesting choice for a title I think, out of EVERYTHING this guy could hvae named it, he decided that would be catchy, I suppose. It's a nice book cos it was only 4 bucks ($3.75 to be exact), and has lots of pictures, not much new information otherwise. Cheap stuff = good for Robyn


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