March 19, 2001

I have to say, today was alright for a Monday. I started off the day talkin about Radiohead. Hm. I was pretty tired and then at school I was alright. Somewhat alright. I got my photos developed, the picture of Thom lookin dead is SO FUNNY I just burst out laughing. I'll scan it and show ya later! Actually, for now here is a very odd picture of Thom and Johnny:

Hehe. Funny...but not as funny as dead Thom. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA it's funny.

What did I do today? Hm. My jellow-cake-pudding-coll whip dessert wasn't that bad, some people really liked it! "Hey, Robyn, this is GOOD!" Must've been the pudding.

You KNOW, pudding is a funny word, like muffin. I was talking about a place called Little Muffin Town today in study, I didn't have much work. And now my friend and I have got this odd inside joke about muffins, and pudding. "I'M GOING TO GET YOU, PUDDING BOY!" We were saying that a lot, but you have to say it very evil-ee. Because...EVILLL!

I gotta pee. Hm. I can hold it for a while. Actually there isn't much else I gotta say, so I'll go now...


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