March 08, 2001

I finished my English essay! Woohoo! I doubt anyone would want to read would only make sense if you've read Anthem or Brave New World I think.

No so "woohoo" worthy is me doing very badly on all the tests I took today. How do I know? I just do. When you take a look at your algebra test and realize that you have no idea what to do, or how to do the problems, that's pretty bad. SOOO you make up stuff. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And then in chemistry, when the teacher gives you quiestions you've never done anything remotely similar to before, you're in trouble. As for computer science, I just didn't feel like studying, so that was mainly my problem.

Some motavational speaker dude came to my school today. He was 22, but he looked like he was 15. Really. I thought he was a high schooler. He was pretty cool though, he was funny, told us interesting stuff. Actually, this was over the TV...I think the Today show was taping some of it, and not a whole lot of students were allowed in the auditorium, so the school broadcast it over all the TVs (so that's why every room has a TV) and I got to miss French. WOOHOO! He had some nice advice, like "You can do whatever you want to as long as you try.." I guess he was a living example, but I still didn't really believe him.

I had my first piano lesson in 5 years today. I don't remember anything. I mean, I can hit the keys just like any other living creature with hands, but I don't know anything about theory and stuff. So I'm sort of screwed. Gah. I just want to learn for fun, not to be really good, I just want to know basic stuff. I got new guitar strings for my guitar though, that was nice. Shiny and silvery. It goes out of tune ever few seconds, but that's a week, it should be nice aned tuuuuned.

I've been listening to Beck again, wee! But no new stuff, really really old pre-voice-change Beck. I mean, you can tell its him, it's just a little funny. I really love his old songs, they're good, wondefully simplistic, and Beckish lyrics ("Let's go moon some cars, let's go moon some cars, let's go moon some cars, my friend, yeah let's go moon some cars!"). Beck should do that stuff again.

I've still got my Radiohead though. Like right now I'm listening to Radiohead...gaah...Thom! Thom. Thooooom. Thom is cool. I watched Meeting People Is Easy for the fourth time. I'm keeping track, you know. I don't think I could ever become tired of it. I know I will someday, that will be sad, but for now I could watch it a million times. I've noticed more how nice of a voice Ed has...I mean, just speaking and stuff. He talks a lot during the video, and I can understand what he says. I've got lots of trouble understanding British people, when I talk to my British friend I feel bad cos I'm always like "Huh, I didn't understand a word you said!" And then she repeats herself and I still don't get it...anyway, Phil doens't say ANYTHING, I most, he says two words. That I can hear at least. Maybe he's speaking at a frequency only dogs can hear. No, that doesn't make much sense. Well you know.


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