March 06, 2001

I didn't have school! But I'm still not ready. I gotta write an essay I've had to do for two weeks in two days. Graaa. Oh well, I think if I mess it up, it won't matter, since I already got a D- on my other essay, the only way this could be worse if it's an F, and I think I'd have to not do it at all in order to get that.

But anyway. Yup. I'm tired a lot. I took a nap today even though I slept til 12. Actually, I woke up at 6:30, went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, called the school to find out there was no school, and went back to bed even though I was wide awake by that time. All that sleep, and I still had to take a nap. I also watched some of "Meeting People Is Easy" which has to qualify as my favorite new movie. Although it's not really a movie movie. Fun. I've watched it 3 times so far, which in my opinion isn't much, I'm gonna shoot for 25. I think the most times I've ever watched any video was 4 or 5 times. Radiohead..fuun...I'm not going to stop until I've MEMORIZED it.

I think the version of Idioteque live at Air Studios is better than the one on the album...but I could be's a little different. Or maybe it's not. Maybe I'm just really hungry and I'm making up noises in my head. I ate dinner, but I really want some dumplings...I'll eat some later.

I don't think I've got much else to say. I've been trying to figure out just what I love so much about Radiohead, but I don't really know. What makes them so different from Beck? I think they're quite different, but it seems like most Beck fans like Radiohead and Bjork, like I do. And they aren't anything alike...or..ARE they? Maybe it's mind control.

I was watching early Radiohead music videos, and they were really scary (and in my opinion, just bad). If I had seen them then, I would have thought they were absolutely horrible. Thom had a nauseating hairstyle back then too, his hair was long and yellow. Thank god he stopped trying to be a rock star. Is he a rock star? I dunno.

God, the news is always updating on the weather and stuff, but there isn't really anything to update...there wasn't that much snow, and they know that, but theyr'e still making a big deal out of it. "How much snow accumulated? Find out on the 10 'o clock news!" Um, I can look outside my window and see how much snow I've got, I think it was like 6 inches. And I've still gotta go to school tomorrow. So big crappin deal. I'm sure there's much more stuff to talk about then a bit of snow.


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