February 20, 2001

Wow, I just downloaded the worst Radiohead song! Well technically they were "On A Friday" at the time, but still...oh well, that was just one song. If you're curious, it's called "Give It Up"...maybe I'm being too critical, but it just sounded really funny hearing Thom sing "Give it up...up up up," it just sounds WEIRD! A really cool Radiohead song I downloaded today was "The Trickster" so...download that. :)

I'm not downloading like crazy in lieu of the Napster thing, but that would be a good excuse eh? Nope, I've just got time to burn, so while stuff downloads I either practice my guitar or play Freecell. That's not all I do all day, today I finished my collage of...beautiful places I will never go to. I think my new favorite magazine is Travel + Leisure. I don't know why my mum gets that magazine, it must have been free or something, cos we don't GO anywhere and we're not planning to, but I like to look at it and see all these wonderful beautiful places. I don't usually read the articles...SOMETIMES I do, but I mainly look at the pictures. Well it's better than lookin at tenny-bopperish mags, right? Yes. Sooo I made a collage full of clouds and blue skies and sunsets and stuff. I made a collage before of some clouds and stuff....I LOVE clouds. They're fluffy.

Speaking of fluffy, pillows are fluffy. Today I got a new pillow!...but it's not really the fluffy kind, it's a Tempur Pedic pillow, it's like made of this weird foaaaam. It's cool, it's supposed to be really good at supporting your...head. And I could use that, I think my neck goes out every once in a while. Maybe cos I lean it to the left a lot for no reason, but maybe I'm sleeping funny. So hopefully the new pillow will correct whatever it is that needs correcting!

I also got a new pair o pants. They're too long, but I expected that. I'm too big for my height, arrrgh...okay I coulda gone for a smaller size but I didn't want my pants to fit just right, I need ROOM, like if I eat too much I want some room for my tummy to grow in. Doesn't that paint a byooootiful picture? HAHA! :)

I was so happy today, I was watching Access Hollywood and Beck was on!...for a few seconds...to talk about the Eminem/Elton John duet. But still, that's better than nothing! And he looks exactly the same as he did last year...same hair, same clothes, well not like he needs to change, but after a year I'd think something would change. It's the new millennium and allll...nah, that doesn't affect Beck, cos he's already in..THE FUTURE! *dumdumdum!*

Beck is most definitely from the future. Bjork too. She's from another planet. Thom is also from another planet...not necessarily from the future though. Interesting, ain't it? Yes...I see you nodding! Ah ha.

I saw Chocolat yesterday, I think it was a really nice movie! I didn't really want to see it at first, but my mum convinced me, and it was really good so go see it. The only problem was that it made me REALLY WANT CHOCOLATE so after the movie my mum and I went to Starbucks. I got a hot chocolate and some...chocolate. Doesn't look anywhere near as good as in the movie though...in the movie, the hot chocolate looked thick and warm and syrup-ee, like it could coat your stomach. That's good! Coat your stomach in chocolate-ee goodness! But in real life, hot chocolate is just...well, it's yummy, but thus far I haven't had hot chocolate that was so special it made my heart leap...

...or whatever. MM CHOCOLATE!


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