February 04, 2001

Why are computers so annoying? I hate the Internet. Well I'm using it right now, but I can still hate it right? I've been on the Internet all day (3 hours) and I've barely gotten anything done. I've mainly been trying to download this Radiohead winamp thingy thats 7 megs, which translates into an hour of downloading fun, if I don't do anything else while it's downloading. And two times it hasn't worked. Well the first time I apparently downloaded the wrong thing that was the same size. I opened it and nothing happened. So I tried again and I got 40 minutes of downloading done before my connection crashed along with my browser. So I'll try it again. This is quite sad, it's a Sunday afternoon, 4:17 PM, and I've accomplished nearly nothing today except for beating FreeCell two times.

I've probably got homework but I can't recall what it is right now. I'm not hungry so I shouldn't eat anything out of boredom. I could read a book I suppose. Or update my Beck site which has been left untouched for 13 days.

Hey the sun is setting already. The weekend is practically over! How did that happen? It was just Friday, wasn't it? I guess I should be happy that I at least did something yesterday...saw a movie (Snatch) and got to eat at McDonalds (just a McGrill sandwich though, my mum wouldn't let me get anything else) and made brownies. And spent a few hours on the Internet, although I don't know what I was doing really. I remember going to bed around 3 AM.

But you know, I don't think I've had one of those depressive spells in quite some time. So I guess that's good or something. We'll see what tomorrow is like. I gotta pee. Errr! I'm too lazy to get out of my chair.


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