February 28, 2001

Today was alright. This week has actually been alright. I haven't had one of those weird depressive moments in a while. I guess the vacation did me well. But I'm still afraid something's gonan happen, one day I'm going to wake up and feels very not right, like I used to...

BUT RIGHT NOW I'M A-OK!...what the heck does that mean? a...ok? What about..B-OK! C-OK! ...I'll stop now.

I dunno if it came up, but there are supposed to be new pictures at the left. It's very unimagnative, I'll prolly change it later, but I wanted to change it...thats all! :)

I have been informed that Thom looks like a "wet rat"...

I'm still burping the curry I ate for dinner. Urp.

I updated my Beck site. And I made a pictures page. So check it out. Fun stuff. If you're really bored.

My basement must be really cold or something, cos after a while my fingers lots their feeling and I was like..CANNOT...FEEEL....and then my friend told me if I don't get good circulation my fingers could fall right off. *plop plop*...AHHH! :)


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