February 27, 2001

thomas edward yorke. who needs a hug? are you thom? do you want a hug?

I took a nap today. It was comfy.

I had band today and I didn't want it.

My hands are cold. I have bad circulation.

"I've Seen It All" is a very beautiful song. I haven't listened to it in a while. It sounds sort of sad to me. Eh?

Today was my good day. I could smile by thinking of Thom standing in a field of grass. Well, I have a picture of him standing in a field of grass. Maybe I will show it to you.

I got my new Spin magazine, and it's got my favorite artists. And some that I might like later. Radiohead is the number 1 artist for 2001, and Beck is number 33...he hasn't even done anything this year (well, Grammy nom), but that's cool. They put in two very nice pictures of his face making him look very angelic and young. He has a big head. Bjork is in there too. It's all going quite nicely. Air is also in there...I like Air. They've got spiff. I want an album from Godspeed You Black Emperor!...someone give me one. Give to the poor.


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