February 14, 2001

Oo it's Valentine's Day. Or the day I saw Beck at Radio City Music Hall...I like that better. :)

I don't know if I hate Valentine's day, but I hate a lot of things that even I think I shouldn't hate, but if you hate something it's hard to reason with it. Maybe it's just going to school and having people go "Happy Valentine's Day!" and giving away candy and gifts is the annoying part. Today I got three pieces of candy. I guess that's alright. It's a nice gesture, even though now that I think about it, what does chocolate mean? I like to eat it, that's all, it doesn't have a deeper meaning to me. Also, in the beginning of the day, the carnations are handed out, I don't really remember seeing them being sold, but I think in the cafeteria you coudl buy them or something. Some people get a LOT of flowers, I'm always surprised by that, and then there's the 75% of us who don't get anything. I think if I was a flower, I'd hate to spend my last moments of life in the hand of some high schooler and possibly stuffed in a locker. But that's just meeee. And even if I was a flower, I don't think I'd be a carnation.

All week has been a poop. Oh man I just remembered, I've got a chem test tomorrow. And I've got to type up one of my English essays...speaking of English essays I got a nice fat D on my in class essay, hehe, how did I see that one coming? The teacher gave us a sheet with some quotes on it and then somethign about..something..it was very confusing to me, I read the assignment and in my head it seemed like she wanted us to write a book about something. I know I'm being really vague, I think the point of the essay was to write somethign about revolutions and how they don't work well using "Animal Farm" as an example. Maybe I just don't understand the subject very well. I'm not sure if I'm really disappointed, if I wanted a good grade I guess I could have tried harder...hmmm...nah, I just don't like English very much.



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