February 02, 2001

OO god my connection is always getting...disconnected. Ugh. ANd my nose is still always stuffed, and it's the kinda stuffed that doesn't get unstuffed by blowing your brains out, which I've tried. It just clears sometimes for a few seconds and clogs up again. It's like hard mucus or something. Yuck.

So anyway, I got new pants. PJ pants. Pajamaaas. They're pink and light, light pink, sort of like scubs, but instead of being blue, they're...pink. :) Very comfy. GO buy yourself a pair at J. Crew or something. I guess it's in lieu (is that the right word?) of the Valentine's Day spirit. But sometimes pink is just a nice color, right? I also got this orange-ee stiped polo shirt, which is nice, because polo shirts are nice. I haven't got any though, I don't know why, it's comfy. I want one with the alligator on it, you know what I mean? They shoudl make one with a penguin.

Speaking of penguins, I got another one today! It's a little one, really cute and soft, I got it at the Hallmark store. So get yourself one today! Spread the penguin cheer!

Today I took a nice math test. I thought it was..eh, it wasn't easy stuff, but it wasn't necessarily hard to do. It just took a while to do the problems. They were quadratic formual equation doodah things. Oh well, hopefully I did well.

Tomorrow I'll probably see "Snatch" with my mum and my friend. That should be fun! And it snowed a little a few hours ago I think, I could't see it cos it's all dark outside and stuff, but I GUESS that's why the sky looked so white. Hmmm.


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