February 06, 2001

No snow day today. Oh well, that's what I expected. When you REALLY want a snow day you don't get it. Oh well, I guess the roads weren't that hazardous...

School is just a poo. I did notice that in the morning I'm usually in not a great mood...well for the first 10 minutes of school I might beokay, but gym kills that pretty quickly, and then sometime after lunch I'm usually ok. It's sort of annoying, can't I stay in one mood through the ENTIRE day?

Today one of my friends was being more annoying than usual...I mean, it's not really her fault, so I feel kinda bad cos sometimes I don't think I'm being very nice to her, but I just can't stand it sometimes. When someone is really annoying you, you can't always feel bad for them, right? My friend didn't get a stellar grade on the English essay we got back today and that was all she could talk about. She was mainly complaining and was in outrage because of her grade, saying the teacher didn't tell her to do something, and blah blah, and that her corrections didn't all make sense. I dunno, I looked at her paper and some stuff didn't seem so super to me, like her grammar (commas, semicolons, run-ons, those bastards!) and some other stuff just seemed a bit unclear, but even I think the grade is just a bit harsh. But I can't sympathize with her when all she can say is "Mrs_____ hates me! She doesn't want me to go into AP next year! She's the devil! I want to kill her! I deserve a ::beep:: A, not this ::beep:: grade!" I could really do without the expletives, but most teens are like that (I guess I'm not most teens). I mean when something bothers me I don't go complaining to other people, because I know how annoying it is, I only bother myself, and then grades to me aren't the biggest deal in the world, I've never gone ballistic over an F or anything. I mean when I get a bad grade I know I deserve it, I don't try to negotiate grades with my teachers.

So yeah. Sigh. And what is also annoying when my friend says something like "But I worked SO HARD on this essay, and I really put a lot of thought into it, I thought it was okay!" but it's really up to the teacher to decide what is "okay" or not, and in my opinion it doesn't matter how much work you put into something, it matters what you get in the end. If you do all that work and write a crappy paper, the work doesn't make up for it. You probably need more help with the subject, if anything.

Fast fact about Oxford, England:
1. Locals hate students and the University, and used to kill them on a regular basis in the 16th century.

Boy, if that doesn't scream vacation spot, I dunno what does! I guess the only reason I'd visit Oxford is to see Radiohead's hometown in all its we-used-to-kill-students glory.

Haha. No really, it seems like it'd be an interseting place. I'll just mosy on down to their old recording studio and take some of their awards off of the walls, maybe mooch off some free stuff lying around, and then get my butt outta there.

Fast fact about Thom's creativity with a stolen broomstick:
Thom, unable to lay his hands on a mic stand, tended to use a stolen broomstick.

You know, I must be quite bored, but I find that funny. Why woudl anyone steal a broomstick? Just go out in the woods and find a big stick. Well I suppose a stick could be pointy, could be infested with a nest of ants...okay bad idea. But really, a BROOMSTICK, that sounds sort of low.

But look where that broomstick brought Thom. I think he should thank the stolen broomstick. Wouldn't that be great? Just nod.


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