February 18, 2001

My mum thinks I must be a peaceful person because I like peaceful music...Radiohead is peaceful music? Eh...I guess. I dunno if that makes me peaceful, but I guess I'm more peaceful than...uh...whatever the opposite is. Fwee.

I ate at a buffet place today, mmm. Tasteeeee. I'm hungry. But I shouldn't eat, I somehow managed to lose 5 pounds over the past few weeks. It was probably because I was sick though...no big miracle. Sigh.

I saw "Down To Earth" today, it was funny, although not as funny as I hoped it would be. It was sort of cute I guess...and weird. Yup. Um...go...see it!

Download "Knives Out" which is a cool Radiohead song...go...do it!


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