February 23, 2001

I kept wondering why the Radiohead song Banana Co is called...Banana Co, and I just figured it out...because that's what Thom is saying. I thought he was saying "without a coat". It sounds like coat...he's going "Oh, banana (although it's more like baNAHna) co..." IT SOUNDED LIKE COAT I swear. BaNAN-a, not baNAH-na!

...sorry if I seem crazy.

Anyway, tonite was tons fun! FIrst of all, it snowed like..4 or more inches, I couldn't tell. Actually, that wasn't too fun, I went to NY and the snow was comign down sort of hard, and it was REALLY COLD, and I thought my face was going to freeze off and my ears were going to fall off and I wouldn't even notice it. My hair practically froze from all the snow coming down, and then I put my hood on. Smart eh? My mum and I went to this REALLY NICE chocolate place, that sort of resembled the chocolatier in the movie Chocolat, everything looked so nice and...uh...it was French. That's about it. And this lady there gave us some samples. And they served coffee and hot chocolate probably...

The main reason my mum and I were in NY was to see "Annie Get Your Gun", NOT to get chocolate. That was one of our priorities though. Anyway, the play was very good, it was funny and Reba McIntyre (McIntire?) was really cute! She was...Annie Oakley. Yeah. Fun!

Afterwards we went to the Virgin Megastore. I bought another Beck bio, a little one, and another Radiohead book. I guess I didn't need to buy either of those books, but I'd like to make sure I know all my Beck and Radiohead info. Beck is just so amazing, I think I really shouldn't care whether or not any of my friends think he's good, because they don't understand I guess (unless you're a Beck fan). He thought of this great music that no one else had thought of at the time and mashed together every type of music it seems into some kind of...um...mushy thing. I'll work on that imagery later...hm...maybe he mashed it into a ball. But you know what I mean. So that is why Beck is better than Radiohead. I think it's fair to say though that Radiohead is my favorite band, and Beck is my favorite artist. I still don't understand why some people think Beck is a band...he's a DUDE! I still read things that mention him as "the band Beck"...arrrrgh!

So today was quite good. Hearing all that good Thom news, and Bjork, and Beck and everything is quite good! I just know everything is going to hell on Monday when I go back to school...


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