February 06, 2001

I had a snow day today (actually it's past midnite so it was yesterday)! I really want another one for tomorrow, because I'm pretty tired and I'd like to sleep in, but I think the chances of that are less than 0 percent.

So anyway, I didn't do much today. I spent a lot of time on my computer and I reformatted it. I'm using my mum's computer right now. I took some pictures of the snow with my camera, it's quite pretty outside. Everything is covered in snow! I'd say at least 5 inches, which is pretty good eh? I had to shovel the snow on the walkway to the front door though, and that wasn't fun. A lot of tree branches were weighed down by the snow and were all in my face.

I think I have to study for a vocab test. Ugh. I hate that. If I'm lucky the teacher won't give it tomorrow.



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