February 09, 2001

Dootdoot, gimme chocolate!

Why is that when you get your period sometimes you want chocolate? I mean, I didn't want any in the beginning of the week, but now I want chocolate, and strangely enough there isn't any in my house! There's usualyl at least half a box of Godivas somewhere...what has happened?! I guess neither my mum or I have been out lately, no chance to buy chocolates. :(

You know what is really annoying, that I always start off with a crappy mood in the beginning of the day...okay, ALMOST always, but today school was just poopin, not like bad stuff happens to me, it must just be the environment. It's a good thing it's Friday.

Not much else going on...only one more week of school before a week of vacation! :D I can't wait, a week to do nothing, that's my favorite kind!


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