January 14, 2001

You know what I thought was weird...on TV, there was a commercial with the "highlights" of the following newscast, and one of them went something like "High school football player is killed..." But what if it wasn't a football player, but a soccer player or a track and field star? I can't imagine them going "High school soccer player is killed" thats all. Actually, they would probably just say "High school student is killed" and that's it. Cos they only seem to mention sports if it's football. i'm not saying that's always true, but isn't it the least bit interesting? Maybe? ...

Okay, so I know you're just begging to hear some of the 50 Signts He's Into You, which come from a scientific study done by Twist magazine. I'll pick some that I found a bit strange. Also, the magazine made a mistake and printed one of the reasons twice, which is more like 49 reasons, right? I guess I was right in my last post, that sooner or later you'd see the same thing twice. Anyway...

Reason No. 1: He just happens to walk by you locker like, 50 times a day.
That's right girls, not 50, but LIKE 50! So if it's more like, 49, he is NOT into you!

Reason No. 4: He takes the ring you always wear and tries to fit it on his pinky
I just didn't totally get that. I mean, I GET it, but it sounds stupid doesn't it?

Reason No 10: As he's flipping through his notebook, you sport a page with your phone number scribbled on it, surrounded by doodles.
That's a little too obvious, isn't it? Unless..."Yeah I saw my phone number! But it was surrounded with doodles of stick figures hanging themselves and pointing guns to their heads..hm..."

Reason No. 30: When you ask for some of his M&M's, he makes sure he doesn't give you any brown ones.
Will someone tell me what's wrong with the brown ones? Chocolate is brown anything, I would think it's natural to have a BROWN M&M. If a guy did that to me, I'd think he's weird..."What the hell, he's picking out the brown ones. Maybe he's got OCD.."

Reason No. 42: He asks you what your middle name is and after you tell him, he state your full name out loud.
Another one I don't totally get.

Reason 33: During a school assembly, he asks someone if he can swap seats with them--so he can be closer to you.
Reason No. 35: He wants you to show him your baby pictures.
Reason No. 36: He always asks you what you're (they made a grammar mistake, HA!) plans are for the upcoming weekend and come Monday, he always remembers to ask how it was.
Reason No. 37: He forwars you those personality questionnaires which always include the question, "What do you like in guy?" (I think they means to says 'guys or 'a guy')
Reason No. 41: He knows you class schedule--and just "happens" to turn up where you are several times a day.
Reason No. 50: You're on his AOL Buddy List, and you can always count on him to Instant Mesage you as soon as you sign on.

Two words: restraining order.


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