January 22, 2001

yawn. i took a nap today...i didn't really have any homework. sort of weird I guess. and technically I should be able to go to bed earlier than usual but I seem to always go to bed at 12-2AM

doot. i smile too much. its so hard for me to look angry at someone if I'm smiling ya know. I sort of wish I was irritated and angry sometimes, cos that annoying guy is still annoying, and he just makes fun of me. i can't ever get angry at the right times it seems. even worse, today in computer science we got new seats and now he sits behind me. i predict poking in my future. this guy used to do that to me in english...but I didnt hate him. i wanted to hurt him though. badly.

why do people poke me? do i look like someone who likes to be poked? i poke people..i should stop. it's annoying.

bjork got no golden globes. but of course, it's an honor just to be nominated eh? hm. well. she won other things I guess, you can't win every award. :)

my nose is always stuffed. more so when I'm down here (my comptuer is in the basement, or the "office") cos it's colder. it's nice in the summer, but in the winter..uh..it's just cold. and my nose never clears up it seems. but it's not just down here. when i'm sleeping sometimes I wake up cos I can't breathe right. ugh, I woke up at 5:30 this morning...not fun when you go to bed around 1 AM. I guess I just don't need that much sleep.

my new verb is: pancake. i haven't yet thought of a definition, but sometimes it just sounds right...like "I pancaked all over the floor." uh. well..use it. :)


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