January 14, 2001

The Ultimate, Ultimate Survey

1.) What's your first name? Robyn
2.) Middle name? Pace
3.) Last name? Lee
4.) Nicknames? rob, roboppy, plinko, plasti-cheese
5.) Age? 15
6.) Sex Gender? female
7.) Birthday? august 27

Question 8 died.

9.) Where do you live? in a house
10.) Do you have a boy/girlfriend? no never
11.) If so what's her/his name?
12.) Have you ever been in love? i dunno
13.) What are your favorite colors? blue and gray
14.) Do you have any piercing, or want any? nope, dont want any
15.) If so what do you have/want pierced?
16.) Do you have a tattoo or want one? nope, nope
17.) If so what kind and where?
18.) Where do you shop at the most? ...probably the supermarket
19.) What color is your hair? black
20.) What color are your eyes? dark brown
21.) How tall are you? about 5 feet
22.) Do you smoke? no
23.) Do you like to eat skittles? yup
24.) Do you do drugs? no
25.) What kind of music do you like? the kind most other people dont seem to like
26.) Who are your friends? people?
27.) Who are your best friends on-line? like net friends? uh. i dunno
28.) What person could you tell almost anything to? thats not me? no one. other than that..me
29.) What kind of shampoo do you use? i think its finesse or something
30.) Is your hair short or long? sort of long
31.) Do you like to shop? matters what i'm shopping for
32.) What sports do you play? I'm not very athletic ... :P
33.) What are you most scared of? everything
34.) What is your favorite animal? penguins
35.) Who are/were your crushes? no one
37.) How many phones do you have in your house? 6? with cells, its 8
38.) How many T.V.'s do you have in your house? 4 normal ones, two little ones
39.) What's your favorite foods? japanese
40.) Do you look like anyone famous? nope
41.) Do you think Brad Pitt-girl/ Sandra Bullock-guys is attractive? to someone he is
42.) Who are the most attractive people you know? i dont know
43.) Are you a virgin? duh
45.) What cologne should a hot guy wear? none, cologne smells like crap
46.) What are you listening to right now? the fuzzy noise in my headphones. if I use winamp everything goes mega slow, although everything is going slow already
47.) Who are you talking to right now? no one
48.) What time is it? 5:50 PM
49.) What's your favorite saying? i dunno, i dont bother to remember many
50.) Do you have your own phone line? not one thats called "robyn's phone line"
51.) What's your phone number? why shoudl I tell you? i dont want ny phone calls
52.) Have you ever kissed someone of the opposite sex? beside my dad? no
53.) Favorite shoes? i dunno. i wear campers
54.) What kind of clothes do you sleep in if any? a white long sleeve shirt and blue space camp sweatpants
56.) What soda do you drink the most coke / Pepsi? coke, cos usualyl thts all there is, and they taste the sam to me, even though there s supposed to be a difference I guess
57.) What things do you say a lot? poop, crap, gibberish
58.) Are you the serious or loud or happy or shy type? i'm all of em. its non-stop madness I tell you. im' more liekly shy and serious though if l eft alone
59.) What kind of car do you want/have? one that works well
60.) Who is the coolest person in the world? probably beck
61.) Do you think you're weird or funny? I'm probably just weird.
62.) What is the funniest thing to do? um..
63.) Girls: Thong or Bikini? why cant i wear plain underwear for gods sake
64.) Boys: Boxers or Briefs?
65.) Who was the last person you called? aliza, yesterday, talked for like 3 minutes
66.) If you could have 3 wishes what would they be? poof, no school, poof, i'm smart, poof, i'm a whiz at the guitar
67.) Where do you wanna get married? no marriage for me
68.) Who is the hottest chic in your school? uh.
69.) What are your favorite girl names? i dunno, i dont liek girl names
70.) What are your favorite guy names? i dunno
71.) If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? my name
72.) Have you ever tried to kill yourself? no, but i think about it if you stare at a sharp object logn enough you sort of lose interest..either that or you go crazy
75.) What are your favorite fast food restaurants? i dont eat fast food...i guess mc donalds, or burger king though
76.) Who do you really hate? most people
77.) What are the ugliest names? i think berth is not a bood name
78.) Do you have any brothers and sisters? one bro
79.) Do your have a pool? nope. i do have trees though
80.) Do you have a spa? nope. i got tree
81.) Are you stupid? its a possibility
82.) What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? how they look, this is sort of a stupd question
83.) What are you addicted to? not much
84.) Do you like jewelry? not much
85.) Who do you wish you were? i dont midn being me
86.) What are all your e-mail addresses? why shoudl I tell you?
87.) What is your favorite song? there are too many good songs. Killer Cars is sort of catchy, and a Sigur Ros song, bjork songs, beck songs, radiohead songs, like Idioteque, and Fake Plastic Trees, and Let Down. Fake Plastic Trees is very nice
88.) Do you like to dance? no, it sucks
89.) Are you On-line a lot? duh
90.) Do you like playing pranks on people? no, its not nice
91.) What's the stupidest thing you have ever done? i dunno, matters what you think is stupid
92.) What's your favorite subject in school? i dont like any of them
94.) What time is it? 6:05PM
95.) How many people are on your buddy list? like 10..9, just deleted some
96.) Are you sick of those darn pornos in your e-mail box? yeah
97.) What college do you wanna go to? i dont want to go to colleg
98.) What school do you go to? ramapo high schoool.
99.) Do you like playstation? yup
100.) What are your favorite playstation games? espn extreme is fun
101.) Do you have your license? i can get my permit in the summer
102.) Do you sleep a lot? duh
103.) What are your fave radio stations? i dotn really have a favorite. i listen to z100 in the morning. its tolerable. there is another station thats good, but I forget what its called. they played beck.
104.) Are you a night or morning person? more like night, although i'm generally tired all day
105.) What are your favorite web sites? i dont have a favorite
106.) Can you define love? go look it up in the dictionary if you want to know
107.) What's your favorite TV station? nbc is nice
108.) Who are your favorite teachers? i dotn have a favorite
110.) Do you get along with your parents? yeah
111.) Are you rich or poor or in the middle? middle
112.) How many bedrooms does your house have? four
113.) What do you wanna be when you're out of college? who said I was going?
114.) Do you have an on-line crush? no
115. What is your guess on what happen to the real 115, 116, and 117? some retard forgot em
118.) Are you ticklish? yeah. dont ever touch me
119.) What's your favorite flower? i dont like any of em
120.) What are you wearing right now? my favoritegray cashmere sweater. imean, its my favorite sweater, overall.
121.) Do you go to church? no way, i'm an aetheist
122.) What would you consider yourself a prep, gang banger, freak, dork,etc.? i dotn fit in any thing
123.) How many kids do you wanna have? i dont want kids
124.) Do you believe in God? nope
125.) Do you like to watch PDA? hell no, why would i? i dont like it, it bothers me
126.) Do you like bananas? they're okay
127.) Do you believe there is one person who is meant to be with you? nope
128.) Do you believe in love at first sight? no
129.) What color tooth brush do you use? white.
130.) How many times a day do you brush your teeth? 2 times at most
131.) Who is your favorite cartoon character? i donthave a favorite
132.) Do you have a job? goign to school
133.) What turns you on? huh? am i on or off? if i'm off i'm dead arent i
134.) What's your favorite fruit? starwaberries
135.) What's your favorite vegetable? yuck
136.) What's your favorite candy? i dunno
137.) What was the best day of your life? i dunno
139.) What are you gonna do today? homework, eat, sleep, take a shower..
140.) Are you momma's little angel? uh..?
141.) Do you wear body spray? ew
142.) Girls: Do you like guys with facial hair? well if they look stupid with it, i guess not . i'm imagining my old band teacher, he looked scary, and finally shaved it off
143.) Do you have AOL 4.0? noo
144.) Who is the sweetest girl? i dunno, no one is really sweet
145.) Who is the sweetest guy? no guy is really sweet
146.) Are you wearing nail polish now? hell no
147.) If so, what color?
148.) How many rings or necklaces do u own? what thehell, do i hafta count em before i go to bed? who cares!
149.) Do you wear a watch? yeah, all the time.
150.) What's your favorite toothpaste and mouth wash? uh. the kidn that works
151.) Did/Do you have braces? i had em
153.) Do you have any scars? yeah. where i burn my hand
152.) Are you tired? 99% of the time, yes
154.) Have you ever cried over someone of the opposite sex? no
155.) Do you like lollipops? i guess
156.) What are you thinking right now? my tummy feels weird (period cramps?)
157.) How many buddies do you have on-line right now? 0
158.) What's your favorite CD? mutations is probably the best, but i haven't listened to it in a long time. the bends is good too
159.) Who makes you laugh a lot i dunno..conan o brien
160.) Who's your favorite teacher? this looks familiar..uh..none
161.) What's it doing outside right now? its pitch black, how the hell shoudl i know?
162.) How many pillows do you sleep with? 2
163.) What's the dumbest nightmare? thats a weird question
164.) Best concert? beck
165.) What's a deep secret that you could tell? uh. no
166) Are you tired of filling this out yet? yes
167.) Who of your friends do you think will get married first? how should i know?
168.) Who sent this lovely survey to you and what do ya think about them? karen has a giant pikachu
169.) What's your worst memory as a lil kid? i got lost in toys r us ones
170.) Have you ever cheated on anyone? like who?
171.) Do you believe in ghosts? no
172.) Who's the one person you care about most in the world? no one. well my family? uh
173.) What's one moment in your life that was the scariest? ummm..i dunno
174.) What's a hint about your crush? i dont have one


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