January 13, 2001

This computer is sucking. Lately, like everything has been going verrrrry slow...like right now as I type this, the letter don't come out right away, the cursor moves, and then a second later the words will come up, which is weird cos that's never happened before, but it IS...my computer is dying. I should probably reformat it or something.

Other than that, I'm FIIINE yeah, the Internet sucks too, which isn't really my computers fault is it? Or maybe it is...well its' been sucking all week, it'll go on the net and disconnect 10 minutes later, or stop WORKING, I think it'd be better if it just disconnected cos when it just stops i wait hoping it'll start working again and when it doesn't I disconnect and reconnect, if it just disconnected for me that would save me something to do.

I'm also kinda hungry cos I haven't eaten much today. Well I haven't done much of anything, and I guess I don't eat too much usually. There isn't anything in the house that I realyl want to eat. There's only one TV dinner left, I guess I'll eat that if I get REALLY hungry, and I made pasta last night but my brother ate the leftovers, and so besides that there are noodles and some other pasta that I don't like a whole lot. Okay, it might sound like i've go t alot to choose from, but really, I've seen people's kitchens, they've got cupboards full of food and stuff and a fridge practically overflowing with stuffff...

DAMMIT I think my internet connection died again. I'll just get off for a while then...

ANYWAY I was talkin about food. Yeah. I'm sort of hungry. But really, does a person need to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner (or in my case, lunch and dinner)? I'm just used to eating dinner somewhere around 6-8PM, but maybe I'm not actually hungry, and I don't really need the food. All I can think of is food right now though. What's open now, McDonalds? Not like I can drive, nor should I eat food from McDonalds.

So yeah. Today I didn't really do anything. I woke up, came to this computer, went on the Internet, watched some cartoons, changed my clothes, went out to eat, went to three different restaurants before we (my mum and I) found one that was open (Chinese, mm) and...ate. Came home, read some mags I got in the mail (Twist and Rolling Stone) then took a nap, came back down here, went on the net for hours, disconnected and reconnected countless times, went upstairs to see what there was to eat, came back down here, watched TV, went back on the net, got disconnected...yup. AND NOW I'M HERE! AIN'T THAT A KICK IN THE BUTT?

I've been getting about no e-mail all week, and I can't figure it out. I guess people are busy or something, all of em, at the same time. No letters either, everyone is busy. Yup. Good for you. I realized how much more boring life is when you don't get e-mails or letters.

I was also thinking about the Wallflowers and Beck fans that have e-mailed me over the past few years. What happened to all those Wallflowers fans? They just stopped e-mailing after a while I guess. And the Beck fans. I don't know why, like we'll exchange one e-mail and then..poof, no more. Or maybe more than that. I think at first these people see my website and decide to write me something, and they think I'm nice. But then they realize "There are other Beck fans out there!" and find out they're more intereting than I am, which is true, they are. Well, stranger than me maybe. I go to the Beck bbs and see a whole other culture of people who are somehow connected and either love the same things or hate the same things, not everone can agree on one thing, but...I dunno. But even I can't fit in with them, because I hardly have opinions on anything, and I really don't like to post much. Cos that woudl be a waste of time, just as much of a waste of time as reading everything, which is what I do.

I'm such a hippocrite! Wait, is that the right word (the right spellling?)? I don't follow what I say.

While reading the Twist magazine, I found it very funny. And my subscription apparently hasn't run out yet like all my other ones. Hm. Well some people follow those types of magazines religiously, maybe I shouldn't find them funny. But how many times can you have an article named "50 Signs He's Into You"? Apparently, you can have one in every single issue. Sonner or later you're going to see the same thing twice. I should put up my favorites here...I think one of them said "He sees you eating animal crackers and asks you what your favorite animal is." Why would anyone do that? Oh well. I mean, first of all, I don't know anyone that eats animal crackers. But they are quite good. I used to eat em. Second of all...I dunno, it just seems sort of lame, can you imagine a girl going up to her girlfriends saying, "He asked me what my favorite animal was! I'm SURE he likes me!!!"

Glee. I'll see if there's anything to eat now. Maybe something magically materialized in the fridge.


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