January 14, 2001

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.

The first time I read that, I thought it was nice, kinda cute. But then I looked at it again and realized it doesn't make that much sense. The stars are much MUCH farther than the moon, billions of light years away, so if you missed the moon, you'd just float around in space. If you got to the moon, the stars would look jus t as far away as if you were on earth most likely, that would kinda suck.

Today was a lot like yesterday. I forgot that my mum wanted to go to a buffet brunch, so I didn't go. I woke up before her and my bro and ate a TV dinner, oops. Oh well, I was tired anyway. I read 60 pages of The Bell Jar, which is turning into a very interesting story. The first hundred pages weren't really interesting, semi interesting maybe, because my teacher said it was a story about depression and she (Esther) wasn't all depressed in those first hundred pages. But then she went sort of nuts, didn't sleep for a month, or eat or write anything (she's a writer..yeah) and then she tried to kill herself by eating a jar of pills but it didn't work and now she's at this psychiactric hospital I think. It's sort of freaky. Cos when outsiders think you're some deranged maniac, they try to hide you away, and you're the only one that knows what's wrong with you. From what I've read, I really wouldn't want to go to a psychiatrist, they seem sort of stupid. I already decided I didn't want to go to one though. The only person I want to talk to about my problems is myself.

So after I read those 60 pages, I took a 1 and a half hour nap. I think I'm sick, cos my breath smells funny, or acidic as my brother said. Today is the last night with my bro before he leaves for college again, but he'll be back in...March? I'm not sure. He's taking the fish stuffed animals, those are some of my favorite. Sigh. But then I get to keep all the penguins so I guess I should be happy.

It's 5:23 PM, and I think I've got lots of studying and homework to do, but I really don't feel like doing it. Maybe I shouldn't. If i don't do my work, my English teacher will realize that AP English isn't a good place to put me, no matter how well I can write. English isn't just writing, there's also comprehension of stuff, and I don't have comprehension.

I think most people have tomorrow off for Martin Luther King day right? I don't, and I've never had that day off. I guess it's not much of a celebration of ones birthday by cancelling school, but if I didn't have to go I could go to the airport wiht my mum to drop my bro off, but I have to go to school. I should remember my priorities...school before everything else. Ha, yeah right.


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