January 10, 2001

Oo you know what happened today? I hit the volleyball in gym class..whooaa! TWO times! I thought it was hilarious, cos my teammates were like "Go, Robyn! Yay!" The ball didn't even go over the net, yet it was still cause for celebration. Talking to me must be like talking to a toddler or something..."Good job, Bobby, you hit the ball! Here's an ice cream cone!"

I don't know if that's sad or not...it sort of it eh? Hitting the ball isn't such a big deal, not like I'm mentally retarded. Ah well. :) One of my teammates kept telling me to smile though, that didn't really annoy me, but I thought I'd try not to smile just to annoy her. I don't like her or dislike her really, she's just...there. Yup.

My English teacher recommended me for AP English, I was afraid of that cos I don't like to write that much, and I think that's what it is, right? Ugh. My mum wants me to use my full potential or something, blargh! Noo I'm lazy!


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