January 30, 2001

Oh lord, thank you for this glorious day, and this glorious life, and this glorious food, and the dirt and the trees and the birds and the bees and the melting snow and the stench of decaying matter.

Yeah, I dunno what that was for. I think decay is a neat word. I should use it.m DECAYING. It's not a very fun word, like pancake. Yeah. Pancakers are people who are stinky. Or whatever, you can make up your own definition.

Today was just one of those days when you don't think much about anything. Well everyday there is something to think about but..I dunno. It was rainy and cloudy, it was just my kind of heaven. But after school ended the sun came out and I was like "CRAP! I can see the sunshine comign in through the windows!" I was sorely disappointed as I walked alongside Aliza to her locker in the 500 wing.

Ah well, if I could control the weather it'd rain a lot, or snow a lot. That would be even better, cos snow means the possibility of a snow day. I haven't had any this year, it's quite a shame. All the snow happens to come on the weekends which doesn't help me at all. HELP ME FOR GOD'S SAKE!

I'm listening to the Badly Drawn Boy album again, and it does sound better now like I thought it would. It's very good. I recommend it. Along with any Beck, Bjork, or Radiohead album. Doesn't anyone listen to me?

I'm lookin at Radiohead stuff right now at greenplastic (very nice site, it is what I'd love my Beck site to become but won't). Oo, Thom fanclubs. I dunno why that seems funny to me. Mm. Well. I'm not even in a Beck fanclub, I don't see myself joining a Thom fanclub (or T.H.O.M; Too Hard On Me). Hm, maybe I should check out the...Thomography. What a witty play on words, eh? Er.

One of the first things his father bought him was a pair of boxing gloves.
“He used to try to teach me to box, but whenever he hit me I’d fall flat on my ass.”

Wow..that's funny. That just made my day. Zip-a-dee-do-dah! How sad. Is ever male a potential boxer or sommat thingo? What the hell is sommat? I think I picked that up from my British friend..she said that once...and I was like "What the heck is that?" I think it means "something" but I could be wrong. It might mean "potato." Or maybe I made it up.

Wow it's late and I gots to wash me hair. Dammit, my connection sucks. Dammit, I shouldn't swear. Is that a swear word? I've been thinking, what makes something a swear word? Of someone says "fudge" all the time, isn't that the equivalent of their swear word? And I say poop a lot, extremely immature, but hey, what can ya do? I dunno. It's a rhetorical question, or a something-type-question-thing. I'm extremely eloquent, I know...*takes a bow*. Juno sucks big time, but NetZero is worse. When I sign on it won't let me go to any website I want to, it always redirects me back to the NetZero page or something. And then it'll only let me look at NetZero pages. That'll help me big time.

I left my stupid chemistry book in school so now I have to bring it with me to study hall, which means I have to lug ever single one of my textbooks around for the first 6 periods of school. Ugggh. WHYY? I only get to go to my locker at lunch, which is 7th period, and after that I've only got chemistry and study hall. So my bag is always full before lunch. But I guess it's my fault, I didn't think I'd need the book, but apparently my knowledge of atoms and Rutheford and Dalton and some other dead person just isn't good enough. It never is.

How much farther away is Valentines day? Like, 2 weeks? Cos why the hell am I seeing pink hearts and cupids and stuff like that kinda decorations around the place? That's just peachy, I think people made Valentine's day to remind all the people without love that other people are all gleefully happy with whatnot and like to celebrate and unintentionally shove it in our faces. I know people aren't trying to be mean but I tend to find everyone annoying and mean in some way. I must be the only person to doesn't really express anger or anything like that, and I hope I'm not too annoying. I plan on getting a little notebook in which I will write all the annoying things people do as to better improve myself byu not doing any of the stuff I wrote down. That makes sense eh? Oo. I'll go do that.

All day my nose has been stuffed. I hope my body is "cleansing" itself or this just sucks tons. In band playing felt really weird cos the air was going out of my nose, but it couldn't cos of MUCUS OVERLOAD and it felt uncomfortable. I needed a tissue but I couldn't spot one anywhere in the room. I don't like band too much.

I wonder what Beck is doing right now. I do that sometimes, it's positively freaky. And Thom, what is he doing? Maybe sleeping. I figure, sleeping, eating, or in the potty are possibilities. They take up a lot of time ya know.

I figured out what I wanted from life over the weekend, but I think I'll talk about that later seeing that if you got this far, you probably want to leave now. Toodles and good nite.


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