January 24, 2001

I've been drinking a lot lately. Juice, that is. I dunno why but I'm thirsty a lot. Blerrgh. My mum wants me to drink water. Poo!

How do I put a picture in the blog? I found these really nice pictures of Iceland...er...yeah. That's where I've wanted to go all year...I mean, for sumemr vacation, not right now. Is Iceland a tourist spot? Because I don't think I want to go there if it's way crowded like Disney World or something. That place is HELL in the summer, just unbearable. I almost melted!

Anyway, apparently Iceland has got all these volcanoes..wait..uh...okay I haven't done much research on it. But they gots lava. Yup. Well it's not melted, just rocks it seems. If you've seen Bjork's music video for "Joga" (which you probably haven't) then you'd see all the coolness landscapes of Iceland. That video makes me woozy.

I wonder what it'd be like if I was born in a different country, or lived in a different country. Living in American has made me realize how boring it is. or living in New Jersey at least...

A sidenote, Conan is on Jay Leno tonite! That is the only reason you'd want to watch. Jay calls him the Irish smartass. Hmmm. CONAN RULES!

Anyway. I'll be watching the telly for a while, hahahaha....
...commercial break! So anyway, wouldn't that be neat? I'm glad I got to live in another country, really a cool experience I think, except now I don't think very highly of the town I live in now. It's hard to make a small town interesting I guess, and I've lost interest in anythign interesting, sad isn't it? I was eating dinner with my mum and talking about what I used to do for fun in Taiwan, and how easy it was for me to get things I needed...oh yeah, we were talking about the food in school. I eat a bagel and cream cheese a lot for lunch, and my mum says I can't eat cream cheese because it makes my nose stuffy. But there isn't really much else to eat to tell you the truth...hamburgers, fries, cookies..uh..sandwiches...well I always get a bagel is the hot lunch isn't something I like. So we were trying to think of any food I could bring from home to eat for lunch, but I'm not really and sandwich person, and then any hot food wouldn't be hot by the time I get around to eating it. In Taiwan I practically lived right next to a Family Mart and they always had some food I liked, sushi or rice and seaweed thingoes, or red bean popsicles. Well there's a lot more stuff than that, but I coudl eat practically whatever, and the food wasn't especially bad for my health I guess. But then I also lived really close to a McDonalds and ate there a lot. Eek. Fries = yumyum.

Yup. Fries. I like them fries.


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