January 02, 2001

Isn't it fun to talk to friends ya haven't heard from in ages?

"oh welpz..so what's new? got a bf? or any of those hot caucasian guys? hahaha. j/k"

Oh my god..thank god she was just kidding or I'd have to kick someone's ass, and there is no ass here to be kicked. So that is a problem. I wouldn't seriously kick anyone's ass, I just think some people deserve it.

Anyway. Not that any of you would, but don't even think about asking me a question like that. My opinion of guys is that most of them act like retards..I don't they're unintelligent, but they act stupid, especially the "hot caucasian guys", but they could very well be unintelligent. For instance, today I got to tutor that kid again in algebra. Not fun. I dunno what this kid's problem is, he just won't concentrate or be serious about learning anything, and I'm not a good teacher, so it makes things a lot harder for me. I'm not gonna give up on him, what he's doing is pretty harmless, although one day I might be really irritated and go crazy, you never know. I'm waiting for that day.


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