January 23, 2001

I think we should all pick Icelandic names for ourselves. What fun.

Today was my quiet day. I didn't talk all that much at least. Not that I remember. People don't bother you that much if you're quiet and look tired. I think that's useful, especially at lunch time. Everyone at my table is really annoying to everyone else it seems, except me, I like to stay out of whatever they're doing. Heehee.

So I don't think I was especially depressed or anything, I was just quiet for some reason. I think I'll take a nap later. I'm always tired.

Tomorrow we start gym class...indoor soccer. I hate soccer. It sucks. Of course, that's just my opinion.

My mum just informed me that today is Chinese New Year's Eve. I had absolutely no idea. Eh. If I w as in Taiwan I'd probably be celebrating in some way. There are hardly any Chinese people in my school, I doubt anyone here's going to do much celebrating. I remember hearing fireworks a lot in Taiwan, it was the most awful racket you'd ever hear. It was fun to watch it explode though. They were really fireworks...they were red things that would...blow up and make a lot of noise. Firecrackers is more like it. Fun.

I don't know what else I did. I did a giant project on Chinese New Years, what did I learn? I guess I'll look at it again later.

I realized why I dislike certain people. Well I suppose there are many different reason, but some people must think they're my friend and they annoy me. Because what I need is a friend who can be my friend all the time, not just when they feel like it or if there isn't anyone better around. You know what I mean? I think it's more annoying when someone says hi to you a lot but never really has a conversation with you. Suuure, they're just trying ot be friendly, but it just makes me wonder why they bother talking to me at all. What I need is a full time friend, not a part time friend. It sounds like a job doesn't it? Maybe that's what it's like to be my friend, like a job. Eh. Or not.


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