January 24, 2001

I said "No more Beck bbs!" and so you know, I ended up posting some stuff. I changed my name though. I got so paranoid for some odd reason, like I thought they all knew who I was, so I decided to change my username and get rid of any personal info. Does that make me paranoid? Eh? HUH? WHO ARE YOOOU? AHH! You know me! GET AWAY!

But that really is bugging me, I would like to remain very anonymous, for gender I decided to put...unspecified...because, you never know. It's a creeeepy world out there, HAHAHA!

You know, I should set up my own CafePress.com store, and design t shirts and mugs and mousepads and sell them to VIEWERS LIKE YOU and then I can make some moolah! HAHA! I can whip up some drawings, hmm...I wonder, will anyone buy my things? Well just have to see about that. So watch out for that sometime.

Ohmylord, the TV has gone nutso! It's making funny noises and is probably emmiting rays that will burn my brain toa crisp! And I'm just sittin here!...no it stopped. Ah. Relief!

God it is so late! The only reason I'm on is because I e-mailed my crappy program for comptuer science to my bro and he's supposed to e-mail me back the corrections so it'll WORK tomorrow in class, which is when it is due, and for 1 and a half hours I got nuttin! He must have a lot of homework. Eek!


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