January 17, 2001

I hate the beck bbs for another reason...totally different from that first reason. Ahhh well. I should stop going there.

All these people in my algebra 2 class (like...EVERYONE) was freaking out over our two day midterm, like cramming during the few precious seconds before class and asking random questions about matrices and step functions. The test ended up being really easy in my opinion, and I wasn't worrying at all. I didn't really study, and I figured the more I studied, the more I'd be worried I wouldn't do well, cos I'd realize there's a lot of stuff I don't know. So I figured just not to get too stressed out I wouldn't study and it worked well I think. Of course, I don't recommend it, cos it's realyl rare my teacher gives easy tests, I dunno why she did that. But I generally don't freak out over tests, because what is the point of freaking out? "Ohmygod, I'm going to fail!" Well okay, if you fail, you fail, talking about it won't do a thing, so why waste your breath?

I still can't stand that friend of mine that doesn't like our English teacher. I just don't understand why she hates her so much. She's not mean, but a lot of people think she grades unfairly. When I got Cs and stuff I didn't really think twice about it, I mean it's a new year, the works is harder than last year, I was disappointed but I got over it. My friend still isn't happy with the Bs she's getting. I just think that anyone that can teach a bunch of high schoolers must command some sort of respect, unless they're really out of line, and I would be able to tell.

Another thing I don't understand is why some people make comments throughout the class to themselves...like my friend in English class will sometimes just comment on the teacher (how stupid she is) but she's not really talking to anyone. I sit next to her, but I don't think she's talking to me, she's like, talking to herself. And it's really annoying. I'm especially bad at paying attention during class, the last thing I need is someone next to me talking. But it's much worse in chemistry, cos people talk across the room and sort of loudly too. My friend used to sit behind me before the teacher switched some of our seats, and every now and then she'd go "Will you shut up? You're so stupid.." in reference to the teacher, and I admit she isn't exceptionally bright, but syhe's sort of old, I'd cut her some slack. Like what, you think you could teach the class any better? Well...maybe she could...but sometimes she (my friend) says the stuff is so easy and the teacher is overexplaining everything, and I don't understand the material, so it makes me a little mad, like she thinks everyone in the class understands it because she does. And then even more ironic is that she asks me for help with the work sometimes. She says she doesn't understand it because the teacher doesn't teach very well (she doesn't teach really well, but she doesn't teach really badly either, just in between I'd say) but yeah, if you don't pay attention and you talk during the class and go to sleep you WON'T understand the material.

Somtimes teenagers are so unreasonable, it disappoints me and makes me mad. I mean...don't you see it? Is it just me? Am I being unreasonable? I can't tell if my logic is just as unreasonable as everyone else's, or if I've got a very different train of thought...ugh, whatever. It doesn't really matter anyway, you can't tell someone how to think.

Remember that annoying guy I was talking about before...a long while back? Well he's still annoying. I don't understand what is wrong with him, I mean...it's not like people hate him, he probably doesn't know how much he annoys me, he probably thinks it's fun. "Oh Robyn, stop freaking out." For gods sake, he was hitting my head with my eraser. Not like it hurts, but it's so annoying, and he doesn't even see it I bet. I dunno who he thinks he is, he's not my friend, but he seems to think he's my friend in some sense. "Robyn, why don't you say hello to me?" My question is, why does he say hello to me? Sure it's polite, but I don't say hello to everyone.

Poo. I haven't done any homework today...I hope I didn't have any.


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