January 06, 2001


Heehee. I dunno what that was for. Diddly!

Not much has been happening lately. Went back to school. Yuuuup. Uhhhh. That is quite uneventful. School sucks man! I turned in my first program in computer science that doesn't work, WOO!...ee...no that's not good. When I realized the period was over and my thing didn't work I thought I was going to cry OR throw the computer out the window, but oh well, I can afford to get a D.

It snowed yesterday! I didn't know it was going to snow that much, but at the end of school it was TOTALLY WHITE FLUFFNESS outside, it was pretty cool! Really pretty too. It was quite slushy though. We got about 2 inches I think, so all the old gray crappy snow has a nice fluffly layer on it. Which will turn yucky and gray too.

Yesterday I saw Miss Congeniality with Aliza and Sheryl, that was fun. It's a funny movie, go see it! And then we ate at this mexican restaurant, where they give you TOO MUCH FRIGGIN FOOD! First, instead of giving you bread like most restaurants they give you a basket of REALLY GOOD TORTILLA CHIPS which they probably make there. They taste really..fresh! And they're soooo good. We ate like, 2 baskets of that..."Oh no, she's givin us more!" Yeah. And for an appetizer I got fried calamari. I make it my mission to try the fried calamari at ever restaurant I eat at. It was good. Yup. And my main course was chicken stir fry, but it was more like "giant pile of vegetables with rice somewhere underneath with some chicken on the top." I suppose it's good to have lots of vegetables, but I just wanted chicken and rice, really. Or candy. CANDY!

Today I saw Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon again cos one of my friends wanted to see it..well something like that, but yeah. So we did! Yup. After that my mum and I went to NY to buy some Rich Art chocolate and eat dinner. Mainly for the chocolate. It's THAT good! :) We ate at thsi nice chinese restaurant. Nicer than take-out!

And now I'm HERE typing HERE...I'm thirsty, maybe I should get something to drink...


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