January 01, 2001


Yeah. So I decided to do what Rebecca did and think about..what I did this year, and what I plan to do next year.

This is what I did this year:

-saw Beck in concert (2 times)

...you know, I totally came to a blank after that. Isn't that sad? It is. Okay lemme think some more...

-saw the suckiness of high school
-decided that I hate a lot of things
-found lots of good music (Bjork, Radiohead, etc)
-realized there is no real meaning to life
-got a credit card that I have so far never used
-stopped guitar and drum lessons
-went to Disney World with a bunch of friends (school trip)

I could go on but...not really, I'm thinking really hard and that's all I can get out of it.

This is what I'd like to do next year:

-not go to school
-not gain weight/fat (i could say lose weight/fat but I'm trying to be reasonable)
-not spend too much money
-not eat too much fried food/dairy
-enroll in a psychiatric ward or figure out some way to die intentionally unintentionally

If those aren't the best goals for the new year, I don't know what is. I'd say the year wasa big disappointment, not even Beck could have saved me. Each Beck concert sort of cancelled out the other in some sense I think. This year I've been more depressed than ever, I dunno why, just happened. Must be something going on in my brain. And I sort of hate life. Who's idea was that anyway? Life. Strange. The new year will be like the last, nothing really changes you know.


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