January 27, 2001

Doot doot, not much has been happening lately. And I haven't gotten an e-mail all day! I haven't been getting snail-mail for ages, I did send out some letters though...letters go out, but no replies come in, hm.

I got some CDs lately, today I (or more like my mum) got this 2-CD Beatles thing from 1967-1970 or something like that? Some years. Yup. Some pretty weird stuff, but the Beatles are always good, yeah? I also got the Badly Drawn Boy album "The Hour of Bewilderbeast" which to me forever looked like "Hour of the Wildebeest". I dunno if that's weird, but I swear, every time I read it that's what it looked like. It's close, but not THAT close. Eesh. I guess it's alright, maybe I have to listen to it a lot more to like it, I dunnooo. That happens a lot. I also got a Travis single for "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?" and the more I listen to it, the more I like it, which is good I guess. Cos I wasn't sure if I would, but I heard they're somewhat like Radiohead. Actually, NO one is like Radiohead, just like no one is like Beck or Bjork. : ) Anyway, it's a nice song, on the single they also do a cover of "...Baby One More Time" and it's funny cos it just sounds so much better than Britney Spears, but then it's scary cos you realize "Ahh noo this is a Britney Spears song!"

So I guess I will buy their album at some point during my lifetime, if I get to it.

I feel like I've been up forever today but it's only about 10 PM. And I woke up at around 1 PM. Well I had woken up numerous times that morning...first my alarm clock went off cos I forgot to TELL IT NOT TO, and my nose kept stuffing up and my throat kept drying up, and I had to pee...yup, the human body is full of surprises!

Yesterday I went to the mall and saw a 3D IMAX movie with my mum. It was called Cyberworld and it was pretty neat, except I felt so naseous from the movement and stuff. A lot of things will make me dizzy like that. It was a computer animated thing, like cartoons and weird stuff, very cool. They also had that bit of the Simpsons episode when Homer went into the third dimension, it was so funny! "Mmm...unprocessed fish sticks..." Homer is full of wisdom, ain't he?

I got 4 Parasyte books in the mail yesterday too from Amazon.com, that made me really happy. I read them all too..uh..oops? I guess they were supposed to last longer than one day, but I really love that comic. It's so gross though, all these people get hacked up and their heads get torn off, or cut off, and they're all bloody and stuff. At least the comic isn't in color, I guess that could be worse. It's very interesting, I want someone else to read it so I'm not the only person that knows what I'm talking about!


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