January 29, 2001

ARRGh I was writing and then the poop poop well I lost everything that I wrote.

But it wasn't that much anyway. Mainly be ranting about the greatness of Radiohead..well not exactly. Mondays are rather sucky, today was okay I guess. Aliza came over after school, because my house = fun! Er. Yeah, and we watched my new Radiohead documenraty thing called "Meeting People Is Easy." It was very intersting..I think Aliza slept for some of it, and it did make me a little dizzy, the camera work is interesting. But there was concert footage, a lot of behind the scenes type thing, and overall it was cool and intersting. The only problem was that I couldn't understand any of the band members when they were talking (which was a lot) because of those British accents, poopit! Ah well. Gotta love those accents!

And isn't Thom Yorke just wonderful? I dunno what is is about him, he looks sort of...little. He's probably taller in real life, although most people are compared to me. He looks...introverted? Um. Well. But when he performs he's like all crazy and jumpy and spastic. Oo I want to see a Radiohead concert (but that's probably near impossible, errgh!).

I did an in class essay in English today, what fun eh? Yup.

So yesterday I mainly watched TV even though I don't care too much about it. The commercials were cool though, especially that ony that spoofs the wassup commercials. "What are YOU doing?!" HAHA! Laugh with me, folks.

And I watched Survivor...THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK! Or something.

:) My life is a never ending thrill ride.


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