January 01, 2001

2001. Fun fun fun.

Today my family met with my mum's uncle's family and ate a buffet lunch at this country club. My god, I hate those places. They're so nice and clean, you KNOW something is up. The food was so nice lookin at stuff, and everyone had to dress up nicely...it's just not my thing. They made my bro put on this turtle neck thing, I forget what they're called, cos he didn't have a collared shirt on. Yeah, like the world will end if there is a bare neck in site, yeesh!

All the food I wanted to eat there wasn't good for me anyway..it was either fried or had cheese or SOMETHING, I think I still ended up eating a lot. The dessert was nice too, I didn't eat that much of it though. I was pretty tired and all I could think of was getting home, cos tomorrow I've got to go back to school and I'd like to spend my last day of freedom sleeping and doing nothing. I just tried to go to sleep. We ended up staying there for about 2 hours...it's a freakin buffet! People talk too much, and I had no one to talk to. I hate that, I shouldn't have even been there. My bro got to talk with some of the other people...yeah. I wanted to cause some destruction, but I didn't. That woulda been intersting though. I just felt very angry and sad, mainly cos of school.

And now I'm here back home. Yay. There are lots of things on my mind, but I can't think of any cos there are so many I think. That happens. Well.

For a totally random question, do you think it's okay to have sex if you're like...15 or 16...and you're totally in love with the other person and you've planned it out and stuff? I mean, I figure it is. Okay that's all.


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