December 04, 2000

You know what I realized? I don't really have a "best friend"...I've got some VERY GOOD friends and then GOOD friends but not this one BEST friend. Not everyone has a best friend though, some people don't have ANY at all, so I suppose this isn't a big deal. Oh gee, I've got too much luck luck luck.

I've been reading a book about Radiohead, it's quite interesting. I think it'd be funny if someone wrote a bio about me, it'd be dead boring.

At lunch I wanted to kick all these idiots in the face. Here are all these kids cutting the lunchline to get their food, inching their way in slowly between friends talking along the way and then not having to wait to get their food. What is WRONG with these people? When I think about it there are lots of people in my school who probably don't deserve to LIVE, which is a harsh thing to say, but I've thought plenty of harsh things, and some kids just have no respect for others. I don't with for them to die, I wish for them to suffer, you know maybe...god forbid, WAIT in line! Humans are awful people. Sometimes I wish I was a penguin.


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