December 03, 2000

"ooo oooo ooooo ooo ooo oooo"...I'm listening to Optimistic by Radiohead right now. That's how it goes...lots of "oo"s for a while, and then I can't really understand what's goin on. "Flys are buzzing round my head, vultures circle in the dead, pickin up every last crumb.." That's a nice picture isn't it? Yeah. Oo, when I was watching Roswell on Friday (well I had recorded it) they played the most beautiful Radiohead song during the show when Max was being tested to see whether he was the king or not. REMEMBER?! Yup. :) It's eerie, I love it.

Other that that, I guess nothing very odd has been happening. I did all my Christmas shopping already, so a few of you guys out there (5) will be getting a present of SOME sort and a card in the mail. Oo. Good for you.

Argh...what else...nothing VERY important I think. don't need to know that....hmmmmmm...I'd ask you a question, but I prolly get a reply, so I'll just wallow in my state of ..uh..something not good.


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