December 30, 2000

Oh well, all that snow frenzy craziness is over. Sigh. It was nice while it lasted. I haven't been outside. My mum, bro, dad, and my bro's friend's family went for a walk. I stayed home, because it's not like they're my friends, if I went on the walk too I wouldn't have had anyone to talk to. Also, I'm "sick"'s a weird sick..I dont' have that normal sick feeling, but I was playing stuffed animals with my bro and my head hurt quite a bit, and my throat feels WEIRD...I feel like eating something.

And my nose is stuffed with mucus that won't come out...I'd rather have a runny nose that I can blow the mucus out, this is like stuff that refuses to come out. I'll blow my nose, and nothing happens...I hate that. And then it feels like my eyes are gonna pop out cos I'm blowing so hard. And then my head hurts. And it already hurts! Hm. Strange.

But other than that I'm just peachy fantabulous. I was a little pissed at something before but I sort of forgot what it was. Oh yeah, I hate life, but I've been saying that, nothing really new. I've had stuff to do, important school stuff, but I haven't done any of it and there are only two days of vacation left. I hate life, I wish it would end right now! NOOOW! I don't care if I never go to college or see the Great Wall of China or live on the moon, I'm waiting for nothing aren't I? I mean, not just me, all of us. We're waiting to die. It's so stupid I think.

I want a chicken pot

You should listen to Sigur Ros...because they're good. Good bands have been hard to find. I mean, really good. They're hiding someplace.


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