December 09, 2000

IT SNOWED! THANK GOD! SNOOOOW! SNOOOW! It snowed about a MILLIMETER but that's still better than nothing at all. :D

So today was quite fun, it was the holiday festival! It's something our school does every from the Roberto Clemente school in Patterson come to our school and pairs (or in my case, a triplet) of students will escort one kid around. This didn't happen all day, this was at the end of the day. You're supposed to go to class for a few periods but I couldn't because I'm in the band and we had to play during the assembly for the kids. Not like I didn't want to get out of class, but the assembly was SCARY, like LOTS of screaming kids and...yeah. At one point they were all singing Christmas carols...oh lord. And there were the REALLY HORRIBLE UNFUNYN CLOWNS it was so sad, I thought I might cry.

Sigh. Well after missing all my classes and not telling my teachers (I didn't know I'd miss em!) I went to my 8th periods class which was where we'd get our kids we'd be escorting. My partners were Aliza and Jeff. We gave the kid, Brandy, our presents, he seemed to sort of like them...he was playing with the toy cars at least! He didn't want to eat his lunch well. Who needs food?

The first activity we did was hitting the pinatas. THOSE KIDS ARE CRAZY! LIKE A PACK OF WILD ANIMALS! STARVING WILD ANIMALS WHO NEED CANDY! Like whenever the pinata was cracked open and candy flew out, kids from ALL DIRECTIONS like from outta NO WHERE would run in to the candy and grap and kick and scream and oh, it was a nitemare. Well it wasn't THAT bad, but these kids were...NUTS! It was SOOO FUNNY! Although seriously, I thought the kids were going to kill each other.

After that it was on to the art room where Brandy painted an..uh...interesting tree. Aliza and i got sicktracked when our other friend walk in, so Jeff left with Brandy to the bathroom supposedly, but we didn't know, so when we went into the hallway and didn't SEE them, we were like "OH LORDY LORD WHERE ARE THEY?" and freaked out a bit. We ended up walking around the school asking people if they've seen him, thinking of the horrors Brandy must have seen.."MAYBE HE KIDNAPPED HIM! AHHH!" We ended up finding them in the language hallway when someone was shouting Jeff's name, in which Aliza and I ran down the hall with the bow on top of my head falling off in the process, and shouting "WHERE WERE YOU! BLAH BLAH BLAH? YOU LEFT US! YOU BLAH BLAH!" and so on. I think we should have given Jeff a beating for being a moron, but we didn't. Poop. Next time I should bring my bat. He said that he told us he was going to the bathroom, we just didn't hear him..WELL THAT MAKES EVERYTHING OKAY!

Yeah, that was not good. I dunno what we did after that..uh...see Santa? I dunno, we did various things...everyone seemed to have a good time though. If I was one of the little kids though I'd be terrified of high schoolers! Like "GET OFF MEEEE!"...I'm not very good with kids though.

After school Aliza and my other friend Sheryl came ot my house to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark. Aliza is a Harrison Ford nut...ah well, I guess that's okay. It's good to :)


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