December 28, 2000

I'm starting to like books more. Well I've been reading more Garfield and The Far Side lately..I know that doesn't exactly constitute as literary material, but it's a start. Today I read the Dave Barry novel "Big Trouble" for a few hours. It's really interesting...I can't begin to describe what it's about, cos there are 5 things going on at one time, but they're all connected in some way. It's pretty funny. You should read it.

Ah...uh...what else. Haven't been doing much else today. I rather like doing nothing. I don't see why I always have to have something to do. I mean, there is always something I can do, but I don't always need to be entertained. If I have nothing to do, I can go to sleep, or write, or read....or do origami. Or play/listen to music. I would prefer sleeping I guess. Writing is good, as long as it's not school related. Reading and writing is always killed by the school. I don't like the books the school wants us to read, I certainly don't enjoy writing lengthy essays discussing the satire of Huckleberry Finn either. Yeesh. I just got this giant blank gook...well not giant, but it's not exactly a journal, cos it's a bit heavy, just a big blank book, and I've been writing to it like it's a person. But I know it's a book. Yeah. At least we hope so.

I told myself I would write my "Milk is Bad" report today, but I don't want to anymore. I highly doubt I'll want to tomorrow either. Sigh.

Are you close to your relatives and stuff? Cos I'm not. And my dad is always visiting his cousins and stuff and asking my bro and I to join him, if they have kids at least. And really, why would I want to meet my dad's cousin's sons or something? To tell you the truth, if they're not my direct cousins I don't care that much. My dad will talk about someone I've never heard of like they're great pals, and I find out it's my second or third or tenth cousin, or SOMETHING like that, and just cos you're somehow distantly related to someone, doesn't mean you have to meet them and all that stuff. "But she's your second cousin's brother's wife! We must meet!" Uh. Well I think my dad plans on dragging my bro and I to meet his second cousin and his sons.."They're your age!...I think..." Even so, I don't take much interest in people my age. I'd rather be around adults. And they're guys, like that'll help me. Maybe my bro can play videogames with them or something...or maybe we won't go at all. There's supposed to be a snowstorm. That doesn't happen much.

Is Christmas supposed to be some marvelous time or...something? I don't know why I even celebrate it. An excuse to get presents I suppose. Or not. I get presents from my friends and that is nice and all, but I really shouldn't get any presents. I mean, the people that get tons of presents at Christmas probably don't get to have much during the year, so they get all the good stuff at Christmas, right? I mean, if I want a CD player, I can get it right then, but for other people their parents would probably tell them to wait till Christmas. That's the way I see things at least. So I can't get much at Christmas cos I can't think of anything I want; I've gotten most of it already. This Christmas my mum's present to me was to clear me of any money I owed her. I probably owed her $50-$75 from various Christmas shopping. I had bought myself a comic book and a CD I think. Generally, her present to me was money to buy other people presents. I think that works out, don't you? Recycle the Christmas spirit. Ha.


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