December 27, 2000

hiho. i'm tired. ive been quite tired today. i slept a lot. i prolyl shouldn't. i wanted to do homework..i mean, I didn't want to , i had to, but I stil lhaven't done any. oops.

i saw the emperor's new groove today. it was cute. and funny. david spade is funny. haha. there was a really cute cat in it. you should see it. he was fluffy.

everyone get cool presents? i got some cool stuff...a penguin pin, a penguin candle, a Radiohead CD, a nifty journal, a box o candy, a target gift card, a mr potato head keychain, two one dollar minutes of happiness.

i'm really okay, i dont feel well, but it's probably in my head or something. my nose is always runny though. my throat is dry too, i keep waking up in the night to rinse my mouth. and blow my nose. poop. i dont like my nose. the holes dont work...aren't they there for a reason?

why doesn't some one read this () and tell me if milk is good. i gotta get one person on my side, right?

hack cough. phlegm is not your friend.


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