December 24, 2000

Happy Christmas...EVE! HAHA!..uh..yeah..well it's Christmas Eve. Nothing better to do on Christmas Eve than go to Manhattan for a bit 'o shoppin, eh? :)

My mum drove me to Times Square and dropped me off across the street from the Virgin Megastore. It was pretty cold, I had my hat, scarf, and gloves on. Nice and cozy! And my bro gave me his cell phone, which vibrates...good thing too cos it's sort of hard to hear it ring with all the noises and stuff.

I was pretty early so I walked around the Virgin Megastore a bit. When I walked in they were playing this Beatles song that I stuck in my head..."She loves you, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!" I was supposed to meet Diana at 11, and it ended up that she got there early too and was walking around. But I didn't know that until after 11...I was thinking "Man, where IS she?" Then I see her and she's like "I've been here since 10:40!" Oops. So we went to eat lunch at..McDonalds! She always gets a 6 piece chicken nugget and I get the number 7..and I finish before she does, yeesh! I know I eat too fast, but I could like, breath in 6 pieces of chicken

After that, went back to Virgin Megastore. I wanted to buy the Sigur Ros CD, but I could only find it in the import section and it was about $25 with tax, yuck. Oh welll. I'm listening to it right now, all peaceful-ish sounding...

Throughout the day we went to a bunch of different stores...Barnes and Noble, Kinokuniya, Rich Art (where I got some chocolate for my mum) and I got something from Starbucks, yummm. $3.75 of coffee-caramel-chocolate bliss. I would have liked to go to Sam Ash to play with the guitars but we didn't have enough time. Poo. We walked around for about 4 hours, didn't feel that long, but it was funfun. Diana made me a cute thing out of that light Crayola clay stuff, I dunno what it's called...but she made little figures of me chasing Beck, it's really funny! I guess you have to see it. I spent nearly all the money I had...I think I had 80 bucks! But I didn't buy that much...did I? $28 on chocolate, $25 for a CD, $13 bucks for a book, $2 for picture stickers (Diana supplied the other dollar..they came out a little funny, the Japanese picture sticker machines are a million times better than the American ones!), $6 for lunch. I guess it adds up. I also had a credi card, but I didn't use it.

And now I'm...home! Tomorrow we're gonna eat turkey and do nothing! Weee! I can't wait to open my presents, mwahahaha...only 8 more hours!


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