November 20, 2000

What is wrong with my hair? I hate my hair. I hate it! And I'd say I wish it would die, but technically it's not living, just a bunch of dead cells, so nothing would really happen then. Ugh. I don't understand how anyone's hair can look good, it's just a tangled bunch of dead crap...

On that happy note, how are you? I'd like some ice cream. Sigh. It's a bit late, but I don't care about getting fat, I'm already at the point of return fat-wise I think. Yup, a hopeless case! Sigh. And really, gym isn't going to do a DAMN THING as far as exercize goes, I don't even see the point. I'm not sure if having gym at 8 AM is what makes me crabby...I like getting it over with but it ruins my morning. But if I had it after school then I'd go home miserable, OR having in the afternoon, I wouldn't be so poopy.

Nevermind. You know what bugs me? Beside the death penalty? I've got this friend who is always like "I hate Mrs___!" and it bugs me. Teachers might be going through a lot more than we think and their job is probably hard...and they don't really deserve to be looked down upon by students, unless they're REALLY RETARDED bu to tell you the truth I don't think there are any really bad teachers in my school. And if they're retarded, that is quite sad. My point is, just because a teacher gives you a bad grade doesn't serve as an establishment to..HATE the teacher! This means you just don't do the work well enough, in most cases. I'm not gonan tel lmy friend this of course...I mean, that'd be harsh eh? I got an A- on my Huck Finn essay we just got back today, and she didn't. We'll say she did worse than she would have hoped, and I felt bad for her, but...she annoys me so much, it makes me so mad. All she can say is how much she hates the class and blah blah, I hate LOTS of things but I dont TELL people cos I know it annoys the hell out of people when you whine. It DOES! And I try not to whine too much when everyone around me is doing it.

Whenever I'm depressed, I want to see a psychiatrist, but when I'm not..I don't! And I think I should, but I still don't know how to ask my mum. I have to really want to go to ask her, and I'm haven't been very depressed lately. Hm. Well. While I know that's supposed to be good, I take some comfort in my depression, cos then...I don't know, but I just do.


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