November 06, 2000

Oo it's been a while eh? Oops. Well..not much has happened I guess. I had some fun this weekend...err, watched some MOOOVIES. And some friends came to my house. Oo. That doesn't happen often.

So the movies we watched were quite good...Jerry Maguire (cute movie) and ARMY OF DARKNESS! Nuttin get's better than ARMY OF DARKNESS! It's the funniest movie ever, I swear. I won't evgen describe it, you'll have to take my word for it. It's oen of those horrible horror movies with bad special effects and overacting, you have to see it. The main character is a major bad ass demon fighter with a chainsaw as an arm! CHAINSAW ARM! HAHA!

Er...yeah. So. That is what I did I think. And went to McDonalds, which I haven't done in a long tim. I miss that can just SMELL the fat! mm! CAN YA SMELL IT!?

I am NOT failing English, woo! I got an A on something, that sure is a turn of events.

Where the HELL are my archives? Are the links there? Does anyone caaaare? Nope.

I have obviously run out of things to say. I'm not in a very intellectual mood...well there are only two more days of school this week, thank god. TOODLES!


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