November 01, 2000

"Next time you board a plane, BEWARE, for something DEADLY could happen...TO YOU! It could be happening at this very MOMENT! RIGHT NOW! BEWARE OF AIPLANES! The full report, TOMORROW, on the 10 o clock news on Fox 5!"

Oh I could be dead by tomorrow, but thanks for caring! I mean really, isn't it just ridiculous? Even more so when they're like "A common appliance in all of our kitchens...DEADLY?! It's not what you think...tune in after the commercial break!" Ah. Yes. I mean, I thought butcher knives were sort of deadly, but I was was the NAPKIN HOLDER! DAMN YOU NAPKIN HOLDERS!

Oo, another plane crash in Taiwan...yes, it's not a good idea to take off during a typhoon, you think? Ah well. I still like airplanes.

So anyway, what is the meaning of life? I mean, no one really KNOWS, and you know WHY? There is no meaning! I mean, come on, 2+2=4, and there is no meaning to life. But don't take my word for it, I'm usually wrong about...everything. What do you think? I'm interested, really. Actually I change my mind, the meaning of life varies with each person...that sounds better. So what is the meaning of your life? Think about it. I think my life would be better if I was never born, which is sort of an...ironic statement, cos if I was never born, I wouldn't have a life to make any I don't know. It sounded good at the time I thought of it. I mean, if I died right now, people might be like "Oh, that's sad, Robyn's dead..." but I haven't made any REAL impact on anyone's life, or made any contributions. Like today, I saw a dead deer on the side of the road. It was very sad, I didn't stare, took a small look. I doubt the deer would have liked people gawking at it. I hope someone has cleaned it up now, it was just freaky. I mean, I practically stepped over it. I was *this* close. I don't think so much about dead squirrels, like..they're just squirrels...but then a dead deer..everything is different. Anyway, back to what I was saying, is that...I wonder what that deer did in it's life. Romped around the forest? Ate vegetation? I don't know, I never will. Maybe it's stupid to think of those things. But then it's hit by a car, and that's it. Poof. Why is roadkill always on the side of the road? I mean, do cars go out of their WAY to hit the animals? It was on the side and I don't know why someone would MOVE it, I mean if you're gonna move it might as well take it to the police station while you're at it, right? Right.

And no one will know what my life is like either. Except for me. It's almost eerie. Like I hold all this information that no one else will ever know, although no one cares either.

I left my friggin clarinet in school again. Errrgh. Why won't my brain work? I figured out why I don't like band...cos I'm not a band person. Boy, it takes a genius to figure that one out, eh? Yeah. But it's rather simple I guess, just took me a while to figure out. Humans are like that, making things more complicated than they really are, when the answer is right under their noses. Like if someone really had to go to the bathroom and they were in the middle of nowhere..uh..uh..nevermind. I saw a car pulled over on the highway once and this little kid was peeing in the grass, I'm guessing that's why they stopped. If I remembered something like that when I was older I'd freak.


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