November 26, 2000

My bro went back to college today. Sigh. Back to loneliness, and having no one to play stuffed animals with. :(

Anyway. I'm just dreading school. I gotta do some more homework that I don't want to do. I've supposed to read 4 books of the Odyssey I think. I'm sure it's an exciting story, but it's soooo boring, I can barely understand it. I guess greek doesn't translate so well into english? It's greek right? yes.

i'm so sad for no very good reason. Not like I'm dying...(AM I?)..oh this is annoying. You know what is annoying? Poems. I sort of hate reading poems, especially really cheesy sounding ones. Of course what you think is cheesy might eb different from what I think is cheesy. Like..well I ..nevermind. I don't like it when poems are too perfect and the lines are indented in some way to make the words look I making any sense? I'll put a ROBYN poem here:


all right
to nite
cant see beyond my hands
had this feeling to run
crack through the windows
break my legs on the pavement
reincarnate as some angel

great light
all bright
reflects from the sun
i can
make them
all of mine to own
if i could go far enough
in some spaceship of this earth
i could reach a destination

all i know and all i've known
does not mean nothing here
and there's a passage in a space
of nothingness it's just so close that I could
reach it if i just got up but too lazy to
just get up oh well i could have reached
a destination if I could reach a destination


actually thats' not as much as a poem as a bunch of jumbled insane rambling. but those are the best poems! INSANE RAMBLINGS! rock on.

rocks are fun. throw some at your friend. you will be repaid with loooove.


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