November 10, 2000

I had something to say...but...I forgot it. I'm in another one of those weird states in which everything seems rather empty, ya know?

I haven't been getting much e-mail lately..then again there are some people out there who don't HAVE e-mail addresses, and then the people that do may not get as much as I don't know. Not to mention anyone in particular, but some of my e-mail friends I don't really enjoy e-mailing...not like it's annoying, it's nice to e-mail people around the world, but how come some people write e-mails that are about 2 sentences long? You know what I mean? I spend time on my e-mails making them semi-worthwhile, and then I get something back that I can read in a second. Ah well. I'm a nice person, I won't let it bother me.

But I already have..sigh. And the people I'd most like to hear from are the ones that don't E-MAIL me a lot, what is with that? Am I so pathetic that I check my e-mail every day and reply to them nearly every day? I'm SORRY okay? Yeesh. If you inform me on the instruction of "getting a life" I may just follow them! Actually, I won't, because I don't like you. :)

If you end messages with a smile, they seem so much nicer! Like "I think all dogs should go to HELL!" :) I don't actually think that, it was just an example. :)

God I have to keep sneeezing, I hate that. Cos if I sneeze too much my bronchial tubes or something constrict and then breathing is just so much harder. Don't you hate it when it's hard to breathe? I mean, breathing is quite important. From what I recall. Ugh now my eyes are watery! Man I'm tired. Oo lookie i'm complaining. WEE! WEEWEE!

Isn't it annoying that there are so many narrow minded people out there? The other day at lunch my friend and I had this big argument with another girl that sits at our table..I mean not like heated argument, just a fun's not really important what it was about, but it was like a lot of the stuff she was saying was contradictory to something ELSE she said, you know what I mean? And..well I'm not some who argues a lot I think, cos I'd prolly lose every debate. I'd just give up or something. I'm not one to push something too far, unless it's going to a Beck concert or something.

Ah...watching Conan O Brien, haven't done that in a while. I've got a 4 day weekend, although the first day of that weekend is over...well then. Conan is just sucha funny dude, I can barely take it. GOD he's all funny and stuff. Ah. And Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is jsut a freak man..hehe...he's funny too. Man this is SOO funny, you've gotta watch this...

Anyway, for those of you who haven't been e-mailing me lately and usually do, I understand, oh it's not YOUR fault, you're all busy and crap, doing important CRAP, it's my fault for caring, so I won't anymore, I'll just suppose you will all end up in hell! But I don't believe in hell...well then maybe you do. MWAHAHAHA! :)


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