November 23, 2000


Glee. Isn't thanksgiving a sort of ..weird holiday? Okay, not WEIRD, but how does stuffing yourself silly associate with giving thanks? I mean, all people are doing are showing how gluttonous (is that a word?) they are, eating all that food they don't need. It's sort of a stupid excuse to give food to the needy too, because they need food 365 (or 366) days a year! They won't last forever on one meal, you know? Then again, I'm not donig anything to help. Yes, all I did was stay home, eat turkey and mashed potatoes, cake...and digested. Sigh. It doesn't make me feel like a good person.

So what are you giving thanks for? I'm giving thanks comfortably, being able to eat food every day, not having to worry about living in a ditch. Yeah, life is grand isn't it?, I'm not in a bad mood or anything, I'm quite happy, 4 day weekend you know! :D YEEHAW! School bad. Don't do drugs.


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