November 27, 2000

...something something something...
i hear sounds but no words come frustrating. well maybe not to most people. just meeee. oh yay, i can reap the joys of being abnormal.

i wish i had some kind of infection in my tonsils, so maybe i can get an operation, i can get them removed...but they're just really swollen, they don't hurt or anything. ugh. i told myself i'd work on my english presentation and i've done nothing. nothing. life is so long and tedious and...ugh. no one ..this is so weird. i dont understand whats going on.

sigh. everything is clouded in some kind of sadness. its weird i tell you.

i dont know
what makes it tick
i dont have
a clue as to
what is right
what is wrong
oh take this
mind of mine
it's useless
i'm telling you
have a good time
have a party
have a good lie
have a free ride

words go nicely together.


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