November 16, 2000

Ah...tomorrow is Friday. Thank god.

Now I'm not so sure about all these disorders of mine. I've actually NOT been depressed because I thought I had a disorder, is that weird? I was watching ER and Sally Field's character had bipolar disorder, quite freaky. She's a very good actress...I mean I knew that but the only movie I've seen her in was Mrs. Doubtfire I think. She was in that right? Anyway...yeah. My two states are either...happy...or depressed...I mean I don't get really angry at people, only at myself, and I don't go beserk, because I wouldn't want to call attention to myself. I feel very unconfortable around...people. I guess this is where social anxiety disorder comes into play, but can you have that and bipolar disorder at the same time? I don't know. It's too weird. Maybe I shouldn't think about it. It's hard for other people to understand...


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