October 09, 2000

You know, I should draw a toilet or something, and scan it, and then call it "THE TOILET THAT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE!" and it will have a motto, and that motto will be "If you gotta rush it, then you gotta FLUSH IT! Click here!" I know that doesn't make sense but it's got to rhyme. And I couldn't even think of the word "rush" to rhyme with "flush", I had to use my little rhyming machine. It THINKS! It's so smart I think.

Anyway, some dudes signed my guestbook and that made me happy, cos all day I haven't really done much but wallowed around dreading school tomorrow. I thought my english essay was due on Wednesday, but it's actually due tomorrow, so I did that today. It prolly only took me 3 hours, but I'm hoping it's an at least C+ paper. Or a B- if I'm lucky. Yeeaaaah. I'm not retarded or anything but I have to keep my expectations low so when I DO get my real grade it won't shock me too much.

Um...fried rice isn't like, FRIED, not like deep fried. Wouldn't that be weird though, if it was dipped in batter and fried in some vat of oil and like, CRUNCHY and GOLDEN BROWN..uh...you KNOW? GOLDEN! Why is fried rice yellow? I mean, yeah? My mum makes fried rice and it ain't yellow, but it doesn't taste as good as chinese take out either. IT AIN'T YELLOW! I should scream that out loud at school tomorrow and see what people reply.

..no I won't, I'm a very quiet gal.


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