October 31, 2000

What's the point of halloween? Oops, where are my manners...HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Anyway, back to what I was saying...what is the point? I mean I like candy and all, but I'd rather stay home and sleep really. I WAS sleeping but I woke up cos I heard some people otuside the door, well duh there are dudes going around for candy. I left out a tray of candy and let people take what they wanted, I mean I can't control them, although I left a note that said "Take two or less" which some kids did I'm sure. Teenagers would most likely take the whole tray than little kids.

But hey I don't think anyone toiletpapered or egged the ouse this year. Well it's never really happened, at worst there was shaving cream in the mailbox and some toilet paper in the trees.

"sleep is good. death is better. but the best of all is to have never been born." That's a good quote isn't it? I got that from Stephanie...full of wisdom she is. :) And it is true I think.

I've noticed more lately that things have been pissing me off. That ain't good..nope. Nope not at all. Nuh uh. Bloop.


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