October 08, 2000

Not much be happenin in my little world of stuff stuff. All I can think about is that I need to start on a essay about Catcher in the Rye that's due on Wednesday and I've had this assignment for what feels like ages, and of course I haven't STARTED it or anything. I hate myself.

And then...hm, I dunno, I'm quite tired at the moment. Lemme play a song...okay, now I'm listening to the Plaid remix of Big Time Sensuality. It's fun sounding. FUN! FUNFUN! Fun with pies. Pie yum.

I don't like my Beck site as much as I used to. I dunno why. It's just sitting there, collecting...virtual dust. Taking up virtual space. It seems like such a waste. It's very close to going down the virtual toilet. Or maybe tomorrow I'll be chipper and happy and be like "I LOVE MY BECK SITE!" Ah..naaah. I can't make it stand out among the many other Beck fan sites. Damn, if he only have like...2 fans..and...I was one, then I'd only have to make my site better than the other person's. Like yeah? Yeah yeah? Oh Robyn has to think of something cool and dooteriffic to put on her site, whatever will she do? Her brain is SLUSHING AROUND in an ooze-ee type of substance found in cranial portion of the human body.

I am really good at describing things, aren't I? Like you just add "ee" to a word to turn it into an adjective. Like, "Right now I am all insane-ee!" Wait...well that's already..yeah. Nevermind.

Anyway, I guess if just..two people like my Beck site, then that should be good enough to..leave up there...unless, it's just ONE person, then I say "Hell with them!" and go all evil and stuff...go to my evil ways in my secret lair of knives and bunnies tacked to the wall! HAHAHA! Oh lord. Don't pay attention to that last sentence. No I don't like it.


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